Greece Still Needs a Long-Term Growth Plan

Even by the standards of the sovereign-debt crisis, the provisional agreement reached yesterday by euro-area finance ministers and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on a second Greek rescue package looks like a messy fudge. It is clear that Greece’s euro-area partners are determined to avoid a near-term euro-area exit, but a long-term solution will require a much more effective growth strategy. (more…)

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Euro Area Still in Denial about Failure in Greece

Despite the Greek government’s best efforts, last night’s meeting of euro-area finance ministers failed to approve the release of new funding. We think it’s only a matter of time before Greece gets its money. But the latest delay reflects deep disagreement about how to reduce current unsustainable debt levels. Until the euro area addresses this key issue, caused by the failure of the Greek program, the risk of a disorderly exit from the euro area will remain real. (more…)

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Avoid a Passive Pickle in Less Volatile Stocks

By Chris Marx and Kent Hargis

Less volatile, defensive stocks have been so popular lately that many investors are now asking whether the low-volatility opportunity has come and gone. The question highlights why we think a multifaceted, actively managed approach is the way to go when investing in this space. These strategies have more levers to pull to avoid near-term risks and, thus, to extend the long-term return potential of low-volatility stocks. (more…)

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