Counting to a Trillion: How Sensors Are Changing the Face of Investment Opportunity

How well did you sleep last night? Well, for about $130, you can buy a sensor-bearing wristband that will tell you how long you slept and how you slept, and even figure out the optimal time to wake you—with a gentle vibration. This is just one way sensor technology is improving our lives and creating investment opportunities. But how—and where—will this transformation take shape? (more…)

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Endowments and Foundations: Should a Windfall Change Your Investment Policy?

Brian Wodar and Ashley Velategui

Board members at Uptown Community Foundation (UCF) faced an enviable dilemma: what to do when an unexpected bequest boosted UCF’s capital from $10 million to $12.5 million. One board member welcomed the chance to reduce portfolio volatility by cutting the stock allocation. Another had the opposite view: with increased financial strength, why not take on greater equity exposure? (more…)

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Using Genomics to Find Olympic and Investment Gold

Dan Roarty (pictured) and Edward Bryan

As the Olympic Games in Sochi draw to a close, a new era for international sports may be beginning. Uzbekistan last month revealed a program to test children’s genes to predict their athletic potential. With genomics becoming more mainstream, we believe investors should take a long-term view and look beyond the traditional companies involved in genetic testing. (more…)

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