Is Dollar-Cost Averaging a Good Way to Enter the Market?

The Wall Street Journal this week confirmed what investors feel in their gut: Stock market volatility is intense. Between September 21 and October 10, the Dow Jones Industrial Average moved more than 1% on 11 of 13 trading days, and five of those moves exceeded 2%, the Journal article said.

This creates a dilemma if you want to invest a large lump sum for the long term. What if you enter the market and it suddenly plunges? (more…)

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As the Fed Twists, Seize Opportunity to Transfer Wealth

It remains to be seen whether the Federal Reserve can stimulate the economy with its latest “twist” strategy for lowering interest rates, but today’s ultralow rates create one clear opportunity: if you have personal wealth that you intend to leave to family or charity, now is the best time in decades to initiate certain wealth-transfer strategies. (more…)

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