TAG Could Be Tagged in Fiscal-Cliff Negotiations

Doug Peebles, Jon Denfeld and Ed Dombrowski

Caught up in the wrangling over the US fiscal cliff is a little-publicized program that could have big implications for short-term investors and bond yields if the program expires on December 31. If the Transaction Account Guarantee (TAG) program ends, huge sums of money may start looking for a new home. (more…)

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Fiscal Cliff Adds Urgency to US Election Budget Showdown

With a record tax increase on tap for January 1, 2013, there has never been a better time for Washington to have a serious debate about fiscal policy. Before the economy reaches the so-called fiscal cliff, when huge tax increases and spending cuts are scheduled to take effect, US voters will have the opportunity to make a clear choice between two fiscal visions in the November elections. (more…)

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