What Uncle Sam Taketh Away, You Can Give Back (and Get a Tax Deduction)

By Kathleen Fisher (pictured) and Tara Thompson Popernik

The government shutdown, now in its second week, has temporarily stopped the flow of government funding for many worthy organizations and may strain the resources of others. Federal grant administration is being delayed. For example, the grant administration staff at the National Institutes of Health has been furloughed; that may stop or slow grants for medical research. Federally funded nutrition programs are facing interruptions, which may increase demand for local social-services charities. Any donations you make now will mean more than ever to charitable organizations. And with federal tax rates up this year, your gift can save you more on your tax bill. (more…)

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Quality Can Deliver in Times of Rising Rates

By Chris Marx (pictured) and Kent Hargis

As talk of an early Fed “tapering” triggered a sell-off in bonds, safe-haven equities have also suffered. Can low-volatility strategies survive rising rates and an unraveling of the safety trade, in which investors rushed headlong into safe assets no matter the cost? We say, yes—but you’ll need an active approach to navigate the near-term pitfalls. (more…)

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