Darren Williams

Darren Williams

Senior Economist—Europe

13 Years at AB
29 Years of experience

Darren Williams is responsible for economic analysis, interest-rate forecasting and bond market strategy for western Europe. He has covered the major economies of western Europe for over 25 years, and has written extensively on the European Economic and Monetary Union and the monetary policy decision-making process of Europe’s central banks. Williams joined the firm in 2003, having previously held senior positions in the economics departments of several leading investment banks, including Citigroup, UBS and Merrill Lynch. He holds a BSc in banking and finance from Loughborough University (UK). Location: London

Greek Debt and European Disorder
ECB Gets Its Messaging Right

ECB Gets Its Messaging Right

by Darren Williams

The ECB’s decision in early December to reduce the monthly pace of its asset purchase program came as a surprise. But investors should draw considerable comfort from its commitment to maintain a “sustained presence” in euro-area markets.


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