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Why Passive Is a Risky Choice for Global Bonds

Why Passive Is a Risky Choice for Global Bonds

Passive global bond investors may be getting more than they bargained for—in terms of risk, that is. That’s because lower-yielding debt is overrepresented in the benchmark, providing less buffer—and passive investing locks other types of risk into the portfolio.

Fixed Income

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Spend-Down Policies Offer Flexibility

Spend-Down Policies Offer Flexibility

by Anne Bucciarelli, Jennifer Couturier

Perpetuity is no longer the default position for philanthropists establishing a private nonoperating foundation or donor-advised fund (DAF) in the US. But not all philanthropists understand the profound implications for asset allocation that come from choosing to spend down their assets rather than aim for perpetuity: Spend-down policies generally offer much greater flexibility.

Philanthropy, Wealth Management

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