Christian DiClementi

Portfolio Manager—Emerging Market Debt

13 Years at AB
13 Years of experience

Christian DiClementi is a Vice President and Portfolio Manager at AB, focusing on emerging-market debt portfolios. He is a member of the Emerging Market Debt and Global Fixed Income portfolio-management teams, and a member of the Emerging Market Debt Research Review team. Prior to joining the Emerging Market Debt portfolio-management team in early 2013, DiClementi served as a member of the Economic Research Group, focusing mainly on sovereign fundamental research for the Caribbean, Central American and Latin American regions. Previously, he worked as an analyst in the firm’s Quantitative Research Group, focusing primarily on global sovereign return and risk modeling. DiClementi joined AB in 2003 as an associate portfolio manager, responsible for New York–based municipal bond accounts. He holds a BS in mathematics (summa cum laude) from Fairfield University. Location: New York

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