Kent Hargis

Kent Hargis

Portfolio Manager—Strategic Core Equities

13 Years at AB
21 Years of experience

Kent Hargis is Portfolio Manager of Strategic Core Equities. He has been managing the Global, International and US portfolios since their inception in September 2011, and the Emerging Markets Strategic Core portfolio since January 2015. Hargis was named Head of Quantitative Research for Equities in 2009, with responsibility for overseeing the research and application of risk and return models across the firm’s equity portfolios. He joined the firm in October 2003 as a senior quantitative strategist. Prior to that, Hargis was chief portfolio strategist for global emerging markets at Goldman Sachs. From 1995 through 1998, he was assistant professor of international finance in the graduate program at the University of South Carolina, where he published extensively on various international investment topics. Hargis holds a PhD in economics from the University of Illinois, where his research focused on international finance, econometrics and emerging financial markets. Location: New York

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Volatility in Retirement—What a Drag!

by Chris Marx, Kent Hargis

With markets so calm, it’s easy to become complacent about the corrosive effects that volatility can have on long-term investment success. If you don’t need the money for a long time, you can ride out the inevitable market squalls. But if you’re close to or already drawing from those funds, volatility can be costly.


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