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Emerging Markets: Phoenix Rising

Emerging Markets: Phoenix Rising

by Paul DeNoon

Emerging market equity and debt have had a rough go over the past five years or so. They had been overhyped before then, and severely punished afterward. But we’re seeing some interesting developments on several fronts for emerging market securities, and we think it’s a good time for investors to take a new look at the reemergence of emerging markets.

Emerging Markets, Fixed Income

Heed the New Climate-Change Calculus
Headwinds to US Earnings Growth Abate

Headwinds to US Earnings Growth Abate

by Joseph G. Paul

The US stock market has gone nowhere for the past 15 months, with plenty of volatility along the way. To a large extent, the flat market reflects flat earnings, which peaked at the end of 2014 and have declined modestly since then. But we think the headwinds to US earnings growth are abating.

Equities, Wealth Management

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